HAL’s fourth-quarter profit increased by 52% to ₹ 4,308 crore: Income increased by 18% year-on-year, company’s shares gave 195% return in one year.

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited i.e. HAL’s profit in the fourth quarter (January-March) of FY 2024 increased by 52% on annual basis (YoY) to ₹ 4,308 crore. The company’s consolidated net profit in the same quarter a year ago was ₹2,831 crore. HAL has released its fourth quarter and annual results today i.e. on 16th May. Income increased by 18% on an annual basis. Consolidated revenue from HAL’s operations has increased by 18% on an annual basis. Revenue from operations stood at ₹14,768 crore in Q4FY24. Revenue in the same quarter a year ago i.e. fourth quarter of FY23 was ₹12,494 crore. Company’s profit increased by 30% in FY 2024. HAL’s consolidated profit increased by 30.77% to ₹ 7620 crore in FY 2024. The profit in FY 2023 was ₹ 5827 crore. Revenue in FY 2024 stood at ₹ 30,380 crore, while HAL’s consolidated revenue from operations in FY 2024 increased to ₹ 30,380 crore. Revenue in FY 2023 was ₹26,927 crore. That means there has been an increase of 12.82% in revenue. The results of companies come in two parts – standalone and consolidated. Standalone shows the financial performance of only one unit. Whereas, in the consolidated financial report, the entire company is reported. HAL gave 195.98% return in one year. After the results, HAL shares closed at ₹ 4,637.90, rising by about 11%. It has given 195.98% returns in the last one year. The market cap of the company is Rs 3.08 lakh crore.

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