How important is One Nation One Student ID for students, how to apply for it?

Benefits of one nation one id: AAPAR i.e. Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry, will be an ID which will have the complete academic account of any student. That means, you will get every single information about whatever studies he has done from pre-primary to higher education. All the details like where these courses were done, how many marks were obtained in which class, will be available from this ID number. With this, students will get not just one but many benefits.

Will tie in a string

This ID i.e. Apar Card will be a kind of student identification system in which all the details about him will be given. Whether you have to take admission in any institute or change the class, or have to leave a course midway (under the entry-exit policy), Apar card can be used for all these purposes.

This will be a unique identification number, once its complete system is ready, it will do such things that on entering its number, all the academic records of the candidate will be opened. With the consent of the parents, children will be enrolled for this and everyone’s Apar card will be made.

Teachers, colleges and students, this card will be for everyone

Here you will find complete records of the student’s college, school and achievements. To understand this, it can be said that this will be the complete record of the student’s entire academic journey i.e. from primary till wherever he has studied. This will help him a lot whether he wants to take admission in any college or apply anywhere else. He will not have to carry all his documents with him all the time. All the information about him will be available from a unique number.

It will be very beneficial

From job to taking admission anywhere, you will get benefit from it everywhere. When all your data is together in one place, you will neither have to carry documents everywhere nor be afraid of losing them. Here the student’s data will be completely safe and it will be made in schools with the consent of the parents. Parents will also have the right to withdraw their enrollment whenever they want.

This suggestion was also given under NEP 2020 and now work in this regard will be started soon. The responsibility of making AAPAR cards has been given to schools. Although many people are raising questions about the safety of student data here, the government says that the students’ data will remain absolutely safe.

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