If you have received an offer from any company, then check whether the company is fake or real.

If you have received an offer from any company, then check whether the company is fake or real.

Fake Company Jobs:India is the most populous country in the world. This population has touched 150 crores. In such a situation, when there are so many people in a country. So competition increases for every work. It is not easy for people to get jobs. Be it a government job or private.  According to statistics, crores of people are unemployed in India. 

In such a situation when people get job offers. So people say yes to those opportunities without cross checking. And later it is revealed that the company was fake. And the job offered to him was a fraud. If someone creates a fake company and offers you a job. So how can you find out. Let us know about this. 

In this way, find out whether a company is fake or not

The best source you have to check the authenticity of a company is the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. You can check about the company by visiting the official website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs https://www.mca.gov.in/. From this you can find out whether this company is registered in India or not. Along with this, you can also call the Regional Chamber of Commerce to get information whether the company is genuine or not. 

If a company is fake then not many people will visit it. In such a situation, you can use Alexa Rank to know how popular a website is among people and how many users visit it. If you are looking at a company’s website and if you see a logo at the end, then understand that the website is genuine.

 All the information is available on the original company’s site 

Generally if a company is registered and it is working. So if you go to his website. You get all the information about that company there. Like getting the official mail of that company. Helpline number is available. Its policy and other content is also available.  Along with this, also check the Google listing of the company. If any company is fake then it would have all this information. 

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