If you want to make your career in the field of cyber security, then follow these tips from experts.

That’s why a person studies. So that he can stand himself on his feet. One can start a business or do a good job. But in today’s time there is a huge competition for jobs in private  Be it jobs or government jobs. Competition has increased a lot at both the places. In such a situation, people are now looking at some alternative areas also. Where there is less competition. If we talk about the last few years, many people are looking for a career in cyber security.  Youth who are thinking of making their career in cyber security. These few tips given by the career counselor will be very useful for them.

There is a golden career in cyber security

As digitalization has taken place all over the world. Anyway, its demand is huge in all areas. In today’s era, there is hardly any company or institution which is not digitally active. In the era of internet and social media, everyone has to adopt digital methods to do their work. It is increasing year after year.

Where digitalization has increased, the threats of cyber security have also increased. That is why the demand for jobs in the field of cyber security has also increased. There are mainly four-five posts which are offering a lot of jobs in the field of cyber security. Cyber ​​Security Analyst, Cloud Security Engineer, Malware Penetration Tester, Forensic Analyst,  There are some posts like cryptographer. 

Along with certification, skills are also important

If anyone wants to make a career in cyber security, then apart from other degrees, obtaining certification in it also proves to be very beneficial. Certification is given special importance in the field of cyber security. 90% of the companies give place in the company only to those people who have obtained certification.

Let us tell you that this course is a little expensive compared to the normal course. Apart from having certification, it is also very important to have practical knowledge of this field. How to work in cyber security, what are the important things, it is also important to have knowledge of computer skills, networking, scripting, programming language and critical thinking. 

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