NEET UG 2024: Prepare for NEET UG in the last one month, note these useful tips

NEET UG 2024: Prepare for NEET UG in the last one month, note these useful tips

NEET UG 2024 Preparation In Last One Month: Less than a month is left for the conduct of NEET UG exam 2024. This is the revision time for the candidates who are appearing in the NEET UG examination this time. Preparations must have been done and at this time a lot of practice would be going on. In such a situation, many times candidates get confused as to how to prepare in the last one month or in less time so that they can avail maximum benefits. If this question troubles you too then we know the answer. These are some tips and tricks that can help you in preparation.

Prepare with the help of these tips

  • Divide time for each subject and divide the remaining days in such a way that all subjects are covered and nothing is left out.
  • In this time table, give maximum time to revision, mock test and correcting mistakes. Don’t start anything new and spend time consolidating only what comes.
  • This time is mainly suitable for preparation from NCERT books. Look at its diagrams, flow charts and give priority to core subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • Revise vigorously and do it daily. Prepare 40-50 questions from each topic from the question bank. Take special care of the syllabus and proceed with your preparation accordingly.
  • At this time, it is best to solve mock tests and sample papers for preparation. The more time you give to practice now, the lesser will be the difficulty later.
  • Identify your shortcomings and strengths and proceed with your preparation accordingly. Do not copy anyone but focus more on the preparation of those subjects which are given more weightage.
  • Now there is very little time left for the exam, so start preparing with all your heart. Stay away from anything that distracts you. Focus only on studies and your mental and physical health.
  • Sleep properly, do light exercise, drink plenty of water as it is very hot and eat home-cooked food. You cannot afford to get sick at this time, so take full care of your health. 

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