Now the era of AI is coming, know how you can earn big money by studying it.

Now the era of AI is coming, know how you can earn big money by studying it.

Career in AI: Artificial Intelligence is an emerging career these days. There are immense job opportunities in this field in the coming days. In such a situation, the qualification acquired in this field can not only give you success but can also give you opportunities like job abroad with salary of lakhs.

Artificial Intelligence means artificial intelligence. In this, with the help of advanced technology, it may be possible to perform such tasks which till now only the human brain could do. Many imaginative films have been made on this in Hollywood. By studying AI, one can acquire the ability to realize such positive imaginations.

With the help of this technology, the machine works like the human brain and makes the work easier and easier. This specialty of AI is now making headlines all over the world and many companies have started turning towards AI. Use of AI based pictures, videos, news anchors and chatGPT etc. has now become common.

Degree in Computer Science is a necessary qualification

For a course in Artificial Intelligence, apart from 12th pass from PCM, it is mandatory to have a degree in Computer Science, IT etc.

Heat salary is available in the initial package only

After studying in AI, there will be no tension of getting a job and you will also get a huge salary in the beginning itself. There are more chances of success after doing engineering in AI as compared to other subjects. This area is attracting everyone now. In the coming days, the reach of AI will be visible in every field of the world. There will be demand for youth skilled in AI technology everywhere. The initial package of an AI engineer can range from Rs 75 thousand to Rs 1.25 lakh per month, while after a few years this figure can reach a salary of Rs 5 lakh per month.

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