‘I am really overwhelmed…’, Chiranjeevi issues message after Padma Vibhushan honour | WATCH

After being conferred with Padma Vibhusha, Chiranjeevi expressed his joy by posting a special video message for his fans for being grateful and always being supportive of whatever he has done in his career so far. In the clip shared on social media, Chiranjeevi siad, “I am really overwhelmed, humbled and grateful. It is only the unconitional love of the my friends, my blood brothers, and sisters. I owe this life and moment to you. I have always tried to express my gratitude in the ways I can. But, nothing can be ever enough. On-screen, in the last 45 years of my career, I have tried to entertain you with the best of my abilities.d to help the needy by taking part in relevant social and humanity causes.”

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