‘Even my dog ​​should not do this role..’ When Raj Kumar rejected Ramanand Sagar’s film, Dharmendra got the role, created history

Actor Raj Kumar, known as the style king of Bollywood, who showed his acting prowess in the evergreen films Pakeezah, Saudagar, Tiranga and Neel Kamal, was known for his unique and different style. When Raj Kumar, rubbing his hands on his neck, said ‘Jaani..’, the theater used to echo with applause. Along with his style, Raj Kumar was also famous for his loudness and quick wit. He used to silence the elders with his wit. There are many such stories related to him, but his story with producer-director Ramanand Sagar is such that his fans will be surprised to know.

Ramanand Sagar’s film was rejected

The film Aankhen released in the year 1968 is included in the successful films of Dharmendra’s career. But first Ramanand Sagar wanted to sign his friend Raj Kumar for this film. For this, he also narrated the story of the film to Raj Kumar but perhaps he did not like the script of the film much. It is said that Raj Kumar called his pet dog and started narrating the story of the film in front of him and asked if he would like this. Will you do a film? Then Rajkumar told Ramanand Sagar that look, even my dog ​​does not want to work in this film.

The film was a super hit

Ramanand Sagar felt very bad about what Raj Kumar said and he left from there. The two never worked together again. Dharmendra played the lead role in this film released in 1968 and the movie was a superhit. The film is counted among the successful films of Dharmendra’s career.

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