In height, Bobby Deol’s son Aryaman is taller than father, grandfather Dharmendra and uncle Sunny Deol, is the handsome hunk preparing to enter Bollywood?

Dharmendra’s son and Bollywood star Bobby Deol has made a great comeback and his small role in his recent film Animal created a stir. Sunny Deol’s Gadar 2 also did not create a stir. After Dharmendra in the Deol family, both his sons Sunny and Bobby have achieved great success in Bollywood. Whereas if we talk about the third generation, Sunny Deol’s son Karan Deol has made his Bollywood debut, although he has not been that successful. Now it is the turn of Bobby Deol’s son Aryaman Deol to debut. Yes, Aryaman’s smart look and dashing personality is creating a stir on social media these days.

Taller and handsome than his father, uncle and grandfather, Aryaman Deol is in the news these days. It is being said that preparations are going on for Aryaman’s Bollywood debut and soon he can be seen in a Hindi film.

Let us tell you that Aryaman is the elder son of Bobby Deol and Tanya Deol. The name of the younger son is Dharam Deol. Aryaman is very smart, handsome, dashing and has excellent fitness. After schooling in Mumbai, Aryaman went to America for further studies and returned to Mumbai before his 21st birthday. Some time ago, when Sunny Deol’s son Karan Deol got married, all eyes were on Aryaman in this function because he had become the life of the party due to his looks.

In terms of looks, Aryaman is already beating the children of Bollywood stars and the day is not far when he will soon be seen debuting in a film. Acting is in his blood and he has also inherited great looks from his parents, so maybe Aryaman will help in taking the acting legacy of the Deol family forward.

Lord Waiting for Bobby’s son on the film screen

Let us tell you that Bobby Deol has groomed his son very well. He once said that he did not want to put any pressure on his son. Do whatever he wants to do. If he wants to act then first learn Hindi well and then work in this line. On social media, Aryaman Deol is being given the status of handsome star kid, handsome junior Lord Bobby.

Bobby Deol has said that Aryaman wants to do acting and it may take him two to three years. Bobby said that to enter films, Aryaman will have to train and work hard on himself and he is preparing for this. If seen, Aryaman is completely hero material in terms of looks and figure, but with whom will he do his first film in Bollywood and what will be the response to his film, only time will tell.

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