Married at the age of 20, divorced twice, now this Shahrukh Khan actress is living alone like this

Apart from films, Bollywood and TV stars are also in the news about their personal lives. Actresses are also included among them. Many actresses have worked with big Bollywood actors. Today we are going to tell you about one such actress. Apart from her films, she is also much discussed about her personal life. You might remember actress Deepshikha Nagpal, who was seen in the film Koyla with Shahrukh Khan, who worked with King Khan not only in Koyla but also in films like Badshah and Karan Arjun. Deepshikha achieved a lot of success not only on the big screen but also on the small screen, but suddenly she disappeared from the big screen. At the age of 46, Deepshikha Nagpal is still longing for love. After two unsuccessful marriages, she still misses her partner.

Marriage and two divorces at the age of 20

Deepshikha Nagpal has been in the news not only for her film career but also for her personal life. At the age of 20, she married a man named Jeet Upendra, with whom she has two children. However, they got divorced after 10 years, after which in 2012 she married Indore businessman Keshav Arora. Keshav was also her co-actor in Deepshikha’s directorial debut film Yeh Dooriyan. However, the marriage of Deepshikha and Keshav also did not last long and they both got divorced in 2016. Even today at the age of 46, this actress is a single mother of her two children Vedhika and Vivaan and takes care of her children alone.

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Deepshikha’s acting career

Deepshikha Nagpal entered the world of acting through the TV industry in 1993 and after some time she got a chance to work with Shahrukh Khan in films like Koyla, Badshah and Karan Arjun. Apart from this, Deepshikha has been seen in many TV shows and films like Dhoom Dhadaka, Yeh Dooriyan, Rani Hindustani, Ranju Ki Betiyaan, Na Age Ki Seema Ho.

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