Missing Ladies fame Narendra Khatri talks about his upcoming 30-hour survival drama film ‘Gauraiya Live’

Missing Ladies fame Narendra Khatri talks about his upcoming 30-hour survival drama film ‘Gauraiya Live’

‘Sultan’ fame actor Narendra Khatri, who was last seen in ‘Lapata Ladies’, is currently gearing up for his upcoming film ‘Gauraiya Live’. This film is going to be released in theaters on March 29, 2024. Directed by Gabriel Watts, the film stars Omkar Das Manikpuri, Seema Saini, Narendra Khatri, Adaa Singh and Vinay Jha in lead roles. Khatri is known for his work in films like ‘Sultan’, ‘PK’, ‘Kapoor & Sons’, ‘Chup’, ‘Khufiya’, ‘Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga’ and ‘Modern Love: Mumbai’.

Talking about her character in the film, she said, “I play a very prominent character. My character will make you laugh a lot. So, for this character, the brief that was given to me made me completely improvise. Gave freedom to”. Giving more details about the film, Khatri said, “It is a story of 30 hours of struggle. The film depicts the story of Rampal, a laborer living in Bhopal. He lives a miserable but happy life with his family. Rampal S.’s life takes a turn when his daughter Gauraiya falls into a borewell at a construction site. The rest of the film tells the story of Gauraiya’s struggle to save her life.”

Giving additional details about the film, he said, “The biggest thing about the film ‘Gauraiya Live’ that we have shot is that the entire film was shot in just 8 days. So right from the first day, everyone was fully engaged. Josh was working feverishly, running around, getting everyone to their spots, coordinating with the directing team, managing the production and even the producers constantly getting everyone’s attention. They were keeping it. They managed it very well. I was very impressed with their entire working style. I didn’t see any shortcomings. The director was very calm, and he handled it very well. This film was shot like a family “.

For your information, ‘Gauraiya Live’ is produced by Rahul Rangare, Dr. Nishant Jain, Rohit Raj Singh and Rajeev Jain under the banner of Rare Films and Tea & Poetry Films.

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