Saif Ali Khan was not given clothes for this film, the film makers said to bring his own please, why did this happen?

In the initial phase of her career, Preity Zinta did a challenging role in Kundan Shah’s film ‘Kya Kehna’. This film was praised for its bold and offbeat story. In this film, Preity Zinta played the role of a college girl who gets pregnant because of her boyfriend. Saif Ali Khan and Chandrachud Singh were also with him in the film. Whereas Saif’s negative role also impressed the audience a lot. The film maker recently revealed that Saif’s casting was a matter of luck and chance. Because he was signed in the film at the last moment.

Saif Ali Khan was signed a day before the shooting of Kya Kehna

In an interview with The Music Podcast, Kumar Taurani of Tips Films reminisced about the making of ‘Kya Kehna’ and the sudden casting of Saif Ali Khan. Taurani revealed that he had initially chosen another actor for the role but he backed out on the day of shooting. Due to this sudden no, the entire team of the film got into trouble. Knowing that he could not move forward without that one character, he immediately met Saif Ali Khan.

Taurani told, the same evening he went to Saif’s house and narrated him the script. Saif agreed to this role without any hesitation. Since there was no time to arrange wardrobe for the hero, he asked Saif to bring his own clothes for the shooting. We asked him to show us his clothes. We selected his clothes and told him to please bring these clothes and come to the set tomorrow and we started shooting.”

Saif Ali Khan playing a negative character in ‘Kya Kehna’ where he refuses to take responsibility for his child was different from his normal average role. During that time he mostly did romantic roles but he took risks. However, his decision to take up this challenging role brought out his talent as an actor.

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