The actress was making a reel on a Punjabi song, then an elderly aunty came in a veil, and danced in such a way that even people were surprised.

Punjabi music and Punjabi songs are the life of every wedding and party, hence dancing to them is inevitable. No one can stop himself from dancing to Punjabi music. Something similar happened with a woman too, when she could not stop herself from dancing with Punjabi singer and actress Sunanda Sharma. Sunanda Sharma is seen dancing to one of her own songs, in which suddenly a woman also starts dancing with her, Sunanda herself has posted this video on social media. Which people are also liking very much.

There was a lot of fun in the video

Sunanda Sharma posts many such videos on social media, in which she is seen dancing to her own songs. In this new video, it can be seen that Sunanda Sharma is making a reel in an open gym area, her song is playing in the background. At first only Sunanda is seen in the video, but as soon as the camera focuses behind her, a woman also starts dancing with her. Both are seen dancing to the song. Then Sunanda Sharma grabs the woman from behind, as soon as she does so, the woman lifts Sunanda in her lap. Seeing this happening, Sunanda is unable to stop laughing and this is where her video ends.

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Fans praised aunty

Sunanda’s fans are also commenting a lot on this video, one user wrote in the comment that aunty is vibey. Another user wrote that someone has given Red Bull vaccine to aunty. One wrote that this has become a moye-moye. At the same time, some of Sunanda’s fans are praising her a lot, they say that only Sunanda can do this.

Sunanda Sharma had earlier posted another video on social media, in which one of her wedding songs starts playing near her house, after hearing it, she comes to the terrace and starts shouting loudly, Oye, this song is mine. Yes… how should I tell them that this song is mine? In this video, she is also seen stepping on this song. Her fans like this cuteness of Sunanda very much.

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