The love story of this boy and girl made money at the box office, earned Rs 110 crore in a budget of Rs 4 crore.

The love story of this boy and girl made money at the box office, earned Rs 110 crore in a budget of Rs 4 crore.

Be it Marathi or Hindi film industry, the magic of Maya Nagari can be seen anywhere. Especially at the ticket window. Where with every release the illusion of the audience shows its effect and decides what the fate of the film is going to be. Will the film be a hit or a flop. Even the best film pundits succumb to the mood of the audience. Sometimes even a film that gets five stars does not do wonders and sometimes even a film made on a very low budget makes a splash. The film we are talking about today is also one such movie. This beautiful love story turns into a tragedy in the end. The emotions of the audience associated with the film make it a bumper hit.

This Marathi movie is a tragic love story

The name of this love story full of emotions is Sairat. Which was released in Marathi language and gradually became such a hit that it started raining money at the ticket windows. Akash Thosar and Rinku Rajguru were seen in lead roles in the film. At the time of the film’s release, both of them were not established faces. But with its freshness it made a home in people’s hearts. The love chemistry, emotions and bickering between them were greatly liked by the audience. The hit song Zingaat of the film also became popular among the people. The result was that this Marathi movie was made for just Rs 4 crore and cost Rs 110 crore. Managed to earn Rs.

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Such was the story of the film

The story of the film was a love story woven into the social fabric. In which the hero is a young boy from a low caste and the heroine is a girl from a rich family belonging to the upper caste. After some ups and downs, both of them fall in love with each other. When the heroine’s family comes to know about their love, they start imposing restrictions. Because of which the hero and heroine leave the house and run away. After this the story ends at a painful turn. Whose pain does not fade from the minds of the audience for hours.

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