There is no comparison to these 5 films made on Ram, watch these films before the death of Ram Lala.

The moment of Ramlala’s presence in the Ram temple is getting closer every moment. Actually, there would hardly be any devotee of Lord Ram who has not read or heard Ramayana. Even after that, if you want to understand the greatness of Lord Ram in more detail, then you can watch some films made on him. Some time ago a picture of Maryada Purushottam was presented in Adipurush. But it was not complete. If you want to understand the image of Lord Ram from his childhood till he became a father, then you can watch some films made in Bollywood.

Ram Rajya

This film of filmmaker Vijay Bhatt was released in the year 1943 in which the era of Lord Ram was shown on black and white screen. At that time, actor Prem Adeeb played the role of Lord Ram and Shobhana Samarth played the role of Sita. According to the Indian Heritage Foundation, Mahatma Gandhi himself had also seen this film.

complete ramayan

This 1961 film was made by Babubhai Mistry in which Mahipal played the role of Ram and Anita Guha played the role of Sita. People liked this film which introduced them to the image of Lord Ram so much that the screening of the film continued for 25 weeks.

Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama

Japan and India together made this film on Maryada Purushottam. This animated movie was directed by Yugo Sako. Earlier this film was released in English. Later, Arun Govil did the voice of Lord Ram and Amrish Puri did the Hindi dubbing for Ravana. This animated movie was made in 1992.

love kush

The story of this film, released in 1997, is after the victory of Lanka. In this film, Jeetendra played Ram and Jaya Prada played Sita.

Lone man

In Adipurush, released last year, Prabhas played the role of Ram and Kriti Sanon played the role of Sita.

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