This actor of Sasural Simar Ka entered the clothing business along with acting, you will be surprised to see the transformation

There is a song from an old movie Hum Us Paar, Tum Us Paar and Beech Mein Duniya Ki Deewar. The condition of actor Anirudh Singh, who has impressed with his acting in serials like Sasural Simar Ka and Chhajje Chhajje Ka Pyaar, is also similar. It is not easy for those who have been married for almost five years, but it is still not easy for them to spend some happy moments with their wives. Meanwhile, Anirudh Singh also went through different phases regarding his career. While acting, he switched careers and is now earning crores of rupees along with the world of light and camera action.

Long distance relationship with wife

Anirudh Singh married Aditi Oberoi about five years ago. Aditi Oberoi lives in Dubai while Anirudh Singh lives here in India. Anirudh Singh was once a well-known name in the TV world. Now he is also a senior designer of a garment factory. After so long, he has now spoken openly about his marriage. Anirudh Singh says that living in a long distance relationship is not easy. His wife wanted to come here many years ago. But could not come due to pandemic. Since then, both of them are not able to find time for each other due to their busy schedules. But the desperation of both of them to live together is increasing.

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Met on matrimonial site

Anirudh Singh and his wife Aditi Oberoi had no previous connection. Anirudh Singh and Aditi Oberoi met each other through a matrimonial site. Anirudh Singh still thanks the day when he created his account on that matrimonial site. Through which he met Aditi Oberoi. He calls his first meeting with Aditi Oberoi as love at first sight.

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