This actor was once called a promising star, now he is spending his life away from limelight, no one knows whether he is married or not.

This actor was once called a promising star, now he is spending his life away from limelight, no one knows whether he is married or not.

Akshaye Khanna is not only known for his unique artistry but also for staying away from glitz and glamor and being happy in his personal life. Akshay, who is celebrating his 49th birthday on March 28, had once revealed why he works in less projects compared to his colleagues and other actors. He had also responded to the news of shifting to Alibaug in Mumbai.

Akshay Khanna spoke on quality driven cinema

Taking leave from acting is nothing new for Akshay. He is one of those artists who keeps things very personal and even stays away from the eyes of the paparazzi. Be it his professional life or personal life, the Drishyam 2 actor does not believe in PR and stays away from the limelight.

However, when he made his comeback in the intense drama Mom with late Sridevi, he was asked why he was missing from the action. The Indian Express quoted the actor as saying in one of his media interactions, “I decided that after taking four years off, I wanted to start with smaller roles for that coming year. But I was sure that I would not do this by compromising on the quality of work. The role may be small but it should have an impact on the story.”

On his ‘comeback’ every few years, Akshay had told Hindustan Times in 2019, “I don’t see it as a comeback. It’s just a phrase that people use which is fine. That’s probably because In today’s world you shouldn’t take breaks for so long.

Regarding living a controlled life, he had said, “It is not difficult for any person, whether from the film industry or any other industry, it all depends on how personal you want to keep it. You may be a person who is not famous yet you have a large number of followers on social media. You choose how much you want to post on it. Some people highlight their entire life on the internet. There are leaders and actors who like it but there are some who do not want to do it.”

Has he gone to Alibaug?

There is also a lot of talk about Akshay shifting to his dream house in Alibaug to stay away from the media noise. However, he had denied this in an interview given to Spotboye. Akshay said, “This is not true. I have a farmhouse in Alibaug where I go only on weekends. Let us tell you that Akshay is neither married nor has any child nor does he have any such plans in the future.

What is Akshay’s planning next?

Now Akshay will be seen with Raveena Tandon in Vijay Gutte’s series Legacy. He previously worked with Anupam Kher in ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’. Akshay will also be seen in the American science fiction series Murderbot.

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