This child sitting in Devanand’s lap has become a Bollywood superstar, his parents also have big names…what to know?

This cute baby seen in Devanand’s lap does not need any introduction. This child has created his own identity. First worked hard to establish my footing in the world of singing. Then tried his hand at acting. He could not get fame like his singer father, but some hit songs are definitely included in his list. Passing through the world of singing and acting, this child reached the world of TV and also got success on this screen. Where this child has now become a famous anchor of the singing reality show. Do you recognize who this is?

Went to assist the director but became a singer

This child is Aditya Narayan. Which you must have often seen in TV shows. Aditya Narayan has become people’s favorite anchor while hosting reality shows. Along with singing, Aditya Narayan has also tried his hands in back camera work. He had gone to assist director Sanjay Leela Bhansali for the movie Ramleela. During this work, Sanjay Leela Bhansali offered him two songs. Aditya Narayan sang the songs Tatad Tatad and Ishqyaun Dishkayaun for this film. Both the songs were huge hits. Apart from this, Aditya Narayan has given his voice to many songs. He entered the world of singing at the age of four. But he was successful in proving his vocal skills by singing ‘Chhota Bachcha Jaan Ke…’.

I didn’t like acting.

Apart from singing and anchoring, Aditya Narayan also tried to establish himself in acting. As a child artist, he was well liked in the movies Pardes and Jab Pyaar Kisi Se Hota Hai. But his coinage as a hero did not work. He will definitely be seen as the lead hero in the cursed movie. But were not liked. After which he again turned to the small screen.

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