This horror show created an uproar as soon as it came on TV, it was banned in Pakistan, Archana Puran Singh became the devil.

This horror show created an uproar as soon as it came on TV, it was banned in Pakistan, Archana Puran Singh became the devil.

There have been many such serials on television i.e. the small screen in the nineties which can never be forgotten. This is the reason why many serials are also called iconic. At that time a similar horror show also came. The name of this show was, Zee Horror Show. It is also called the first horror show in the history of television. Whose ghost stories reached the homes of the audience and a new definition of fear was created. Archana Puran Singh, who was seen in The Kapil Sharma Show, was also seen in the same show. But soon after the start of this show, it became surrounded by controversies and discussions. Let us know 5 facts related to this show…

Telecast had to be increased

This show has received a lot of love from the audience ever since it started in the 1990s. Along with Pankaj Dheer, Shagufta Ali, Archana Puran Singh was also seen in the first episode. Earlier this show was to be made of only 24 episodes. But its popularity increased so much that its telecast ran from 1993 to 2001.

question on timing

In the year 1997, there was a lot of controversy regarding the timing of the show. Some people filed a petition in the High Court of Punjab and Haryana that superstition is increasing due to this horror show. Due to this, there was a demand to change the timing of the show, after which the show was telecast at another time under the name of Anhoni.

Banned because of this

This show became such a hit that it was liked even in Pakistan. Seeing this, the show started airing in Pakistan in the name of horror show in 2015, after which Indian horror shows were banned there.

This star cast became popular

The initial star cast of the show was quite impressive. Every star of the show was liked a lot. Stars like Mithun Chakraborty, Gajendra Chauhan, Javed Khan, Goga Kapoor also worked in the show. The scary characters of Rajita Kochhar and Anirudh Aggarwal were also liked a lot.

return to lockdown

When many shows of the nineties were retelecasted during the lockdown, horror shows also returned to TV. For the second time also the audience gave a lot of love to this show.

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