This singer once used to sing in restaurants, now he has a net worth of Rs 180 crores, did you know?

This singer once used to sing in restaurants, now he has a net worth of Rs 180 crores, did you know?

Singer Atif Aslam’s magic works all over the world. The singer has also sung many wonderful songs in Bollywood, which even today people listen to with great interest. It is not possible for any song of Atif Aslam to be released and it does not become popular on social media. But do you know that it was not easy for Atif to make a place in the music industry. He has struggled a lot for this. Before becoming a superstar, Atif used to sing in restaurants. He started his career by singing in restaurants. Let us tell you about his journey from singing in a restaurant to becoming a superstar.

This way started singing

Atif was born on 12 March 1983 in a Punjabi Muslim family in Wazirabad, Pakistan. During his studies, Atif was not at all interested in singing. Rather he was more interested in cricket. But who knew that a boy who had no interest in music would one day become a superstar of the music industry. Atif’s singing career started from a restaurant. Atif had seen his friend singing in that restaurant, after which he also started feeling like singing. Then he met a young musician and started singing with him in a restaurant. After some time, both of them together formed their own band. After forming the band, Atif released his album. Atif’s first album itself became a hit. His album was very much liked in Pakistan.

This way Got a break in Bollywood

Atif was given a break in Bollywood by Mahesh Bhatt. He entered Bollywood by singing the song Woh Lamhe from Jahar. After this, Atif became famous in Bollywood also. He sang many songs like Tere Sang Yaara, Beintaha, Pehli Nazar Mein, Tu Jaane Na which proved to be superhit. Along with singing, Atif has also entered the world of acting. He made his acting debut with the film Bol.

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