What Prasad was received in Ram Mandir Pran Pratistha? Sunil Lahiri shared the video and showed it

On January 22, the idol of Ram Lala was consecrated in the grand Ram temple in Ayodhya with full pomp. All the common and special people of our country were present there in this ceremony. After offering prayers, PM Modi got everything done with his own hands as per rituals. There was an atmosphere of happiness in the entire country on this day. Those lucky people who reached there had the darshan of Ram Lala…people from all over the country and abroad had the darshan of Lord Ram through TV and internet. Everyone has had darshan of God, now Sunil Lahiri i.e. Lakshman of Ramayana has shown a glimpse of the Prasad received from there. Sunil shared a video on Twitter and wrote along with it, Do you people want to know what Prasad was received in the Pran Pratistha of Ram Lala…and what am I going to do with that Prasad.

Sunil told that a steel box was found in the Prasad which contained gram flour laddus. Apart from this, there is a Tulsi rosary, a Rudraksha and some rice, a box containing Shabari plum, Kum Kum, saffron, a lamp, a small bottle of Ganga water and a big box of Prasad. Many comments are coming from people on this video of Sunil Lahiri.

One user wrote, Thank you Lahari ji…for telling about this Prasad. One wrote, Lahari ji, Jai Ram ji ki Jai Siyaram to you from Ram ji’s cow grazing land Gonard, all of us living 40 kilometers away are not going to see Ram ji right now (so that chaos does not spread) because right now we have to walk several thousand kilometers. They have come and should have darshan. One user advised and said, mix it with other Prasad and sweets, that too will become Prasad and you will be able to distribute it among more people.

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