When Jeetendra narrowly escaped death because of his wife Shobha Kapoor, read the story

When Jeetendra narrowly escaped death because of his wife Shobha Kapoor, read the story

Veteran Bollywood actor Jitendra has won everyone’s hearts with his brilliant acting. Jeetendra was one of the best actors of his decade. People were crazy about his acting but the actor fell in love with someone at the age of 14. Yes, Jitendra married his childhood love Shobha Kapoor. Shobha and Jitendra’s first meeting was at Marine Drive and Jitendra fell in love with Shobha in the very first meeting. The love story of Shobha and Jitendra is very wonderful. It is said that if there is faith in the mind, a person’s life can be saved. Similarly, once Shobha had saved Jitendra’s life. Today, on Jeetendra’s birthday, let us tell you this story.

Karva Chauth fasting saved life

Jitendra had narrated this Karva Chauth incident in Kapil Sharma’s show. He had said- It was the day of Karva Chauth and I was going to Madras for shooting. Shobha said that today is Karva Chauth, don’t go but I stuck to my words and convinced her to go. Explained to him that it was necessary for me to go.

Jitendra narrowly escaped death

Jitendra further told that the flight was at 7 pm. I reached the airport. When I reached there I came to know that my flight was late. The 7 o’clock flight had become 8 or 9 o’clock. After that, when I looked outside to see whether the moon was rising or not, I went back home thinking that I would come late. But Shobha did not let me come back. Then later we came to know that that flight had crashed. It was only because of Shobha that Jitendra narrowly escaped death in this manner. Jitendra’s name is associated with many actresses in Bollywood but he always remained loyal to his wife. During films, Jitendra’s name was associated with Hema Malini, Sridevi, Jaya Prada and Rekha.

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