When she was jumping on Pakistan’s fours and sixes, Salman Khan was stunned to see this

Munni was jumping on Pakistan’s fours and sixes, Salman was stunned to see her. After reading this headline you must be thinking who is this Munni? And if she is someone then why was she jumping on Pakistan’s victory. If she is Pakistani then how did she come to India and what is her connection with Salman Khan? If you are confused about this thing then don’t worry too much. Actually today there is going to be a match between India and Pakistan in T20 World Cup. In this atmosphere of the game we threw a Bollywood googly.

If you have not understood, then let us tell you that here we are talking about Salman Khan’s hit film ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’. In this film, a girl named Munni comes to India from Pakistan and gets separated from her mother and stays here. This girl, who is unable to speak, luckily meets Salman Khan and he helps her. Salman takes the girl to his father’s friend’s house where he himself lived. The girl could not speak, so it was difficult to understand where she was from.

One day, on the day of the India-Pakistan match, it is revealed that Munni is a Pakistani. In fact, as soon as the Pakistani team players were hitting fours and sixes, Munni was jumping and clapping. Everyone is shocked to see her and when Salman says Pakistan to Munni, Munni raises her hands and shakes the dust vigorously. This answer of Munni was a big turning point of the film.

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