When this lyricist was beaten fiercely for drinking free milk, read the funny story

When this lyricist was beaten fiercely for drinking free milk, read the funny story

Which is that turning point of emotions, which is that destination of feeling, which is that rhythm of heartbeats, which is that season of love, which is that point of life, where there is joy from the clouds of tunes. The moon of Bakshi’s song may not be visible. The truth is that every second or third song that we hear around us at some time or the other, we sing and hum. A song written by Anand Bakshi can be found in it. A lyricist who wrote more than 3300 songs for more than 600 films from 1962 to 2002. Who was called the lyricist of the common man, who was called the poet of today’s society, that touch of folk songs which is reflected in his songs. This is not hidden from those who know and like him. Today we are going to tell you one such story which shows the simplicity that was there in his songs. He was equally simple in real life too, but this simplicity or rather mischievousness cost him dearly when he was beaten badly over a glass of milk.

When I sold school books

Actually the matter is of the year 1943 when the family members had sent Anand Bakshi Saheb to a boarding school in Jammu. The family said that if he stayed away from home in a Gurukul, he would miss his poor friends from Pindi (Rawalpindi, Pakistan) who were pulling him towards singing and acting. Because Anand Bakshi Saheb was born on 21 July 1930 in undivided India. He was always fond of working in films. One day, he along with his school friends planned to sell his school books and go to Bombay by train. Then I put down my books and reached Rawalpindi station. But his friends did not come to the station, so he did not have the courage to go alone in an unknown city, so this dream also got shattered.

Started boxing over milk

It was obvious that when his family came to know about this, he was beaten severely and sent to a boarding school. The real story begins from here. In fact, after a few days in the beginning of the first year, Anand Bakshi Saheb took admission in boxing, he did this because boxers were given a glass of milk every day. Sports teachers used to teach boxing but their method was very cruel. Every day he would choose a child and beat him until he became unconscious. Anand Bakshi Sahab himself mentions this and says, “Somehow I always managed to avoid his attention and my turn never came. I stayed away from him cleverly and only got a glass of milk every day in exchange for wearing boxing gloves.” Kept drinking.”

beaten till unconscious

He further says, “It continued like this for many months but one day the boxing teacher noticed me. He said, I have never seen you before, come on, put on your gloves, I will teach you how to defend yourself like a man.” After this they beat me till I fell unconscious on the ground. That was my last day of drinking free milk. This incident was mentioned by Anand Bakshi’s son Rakesh Anand Bakshi in his book ‘Nagmen Kisse Baatein Yaadein’. ‘I have done it.

film journey

Talking about his successful career as a lyricist, the country got its first superstar in the form of Rajesh Khanna with the film Aradhana in 1969, while Anand Bakshi Sahab also started being recognized as a star lyricist. The amazing thing is that during that period, 5 out of every 10 films had songs written by Anand Bakshi. He was nominated for the Filmfare Award 42 times. But for the first time he got the first award for the song ‘Aadmi Musafir Hai’ from the 1979 film ‘Apnapan’.

Some famous songs written by Anand Bakshi

1. Love is crazy, it is fun (Kati Patang)
2.Aaja Teri Yaad Aayi (Charas)
3. Man is a traveler (affinity)
4. You are so good (The King and the Pauper)
5. The month of Saavan, the wind blows (Milan)
6. By coming, he came out (way of living)
7. The destination that passes in the journey of life (I swear to you)
8. The story of the heart is of two words (The Great Gambler)
9. We have fallen in love with you, what to do (Amar Akbar Anthony)
10. Mere Mehboob Qayamat Hogi (Mr.

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