Will Govinda attend niece Aarti Singh’s wedding or not? Actress says – I am sure…

Will Govinda attend niece Aarti Singh’s wedding or not? Actress says – I am sure…

Govinda’s niece and comedian Krishna Abhishek’s sister Aarti Singh is going to get married on April 25. While recently the actress showed the face of her future husband on her birthday, she also confirmed the wedding date. Meanwhile, the fight that has been going on between Govinda and Krishna Abhishek for years is whether Aarti Singh’s maternal uncle will be a part of her marriage or not. Speculations are being made about this. Meanwhile, the actress herself has now reacted to this speculation and expressed confidence that her maternal uncle will attend the wedding.

In fact, in a recent interview with ETimes TV, Aarti revealed, “Yes, I told Chi Chi Mama about my marriage and he was happy for me. I hope he attends the wedding with the family. Will bless me. In fact, I’m sure they’ll join in because they love me.”

Earlier in 2021, in an interview with Indian Express, he had quoted a Hindi proverb on the fight between Govinda and Krishna, which translates to “When elephants fight, the grass suffers,” he said that he bore the brunt of their conflict. Accepted the matter. Aarti Singh told how the rift between Krishna and Govinda had increased a few years ago when Krishna’s wife Kashmira Shah allegedly made derogatory remarks about Govinda and his wife Sunita Ahuja on social media.

Apart from Aarti Singh, in 2019, Krishna Abhishek admitted that he was at fault and he would like to reconcile with Govinda. But soon after, Govinda’s wife Sunita said in an interview to Times of India, “We have broken all relations with Krishna and Kashmira and I swear that I will not initiate a patch-up this time. She was crazy to do this years ago. Govinda was right about her. It was my mistake that I thought we should give her another chance.”

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