Delhi Capitals: A season of ifs, buts; slow start, late push, Rishabh Pant’s comeback and numerous positives

How do you sum up a campaign that had more positives than downsides but still the team ended up not qualifying for the playoffs? Often grouped as a part of the 'holy trinity', Delhi Capitals and Royal Challengers Bengaluru had similar campaigns in the 2024 edition of the IPL but call it luck or lack of it, or a bit of inconsistency, one team is on the heels of a spot in the playoffs and other has to hope for Sunrisers to lose by 150-plus runs combined in their last two games, Lucknow Super Giants to not win big against the Mumbai Indians, the mountains to move, two parallel lines to meet and the water to stop existing. The last one is still possible but Delhi Capitals have left things a little too late.

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