Exclusive report: Inside the brutal war between gangs and police in Haiti’s capital

Haiti has been in the grips of a renewed crisis ever since heavily armed gangs formed an alliance this February and forced Ariel Henry to step down as prime minister. The Caribbean nation has long been plagued by gang violence, with armed groups fostered in the shadows by power-hungry political and economic elites. But now more than 80 percent of Haiti’s capital is controlled by an alliance of armed groups, and they’re vowing they won’t lay down their arms unless they get a seat at the negotiating table. Haiti’s under-resourced police, which is often accused of rampant corruption, are left to battle gangs that are often better armed than law enforcement. FRANCE 24’s Catherine Norris Trent and Roméo Langlois went on patrol with UTAG, a specially formed anti-gang unit of Haiti’s police. They bring us this exclusive report from Port-au-Prince.

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