Gautam Singhania seen with his father after 9-year dispute: Raymond’s chairman wrote – Happy to have my father at home.

There seems to be a reconciliation between Raymond Group Chairman Gautam Singhania and the group’s founder and Gautam’s father Vijaypat Singhania. Gautam Singhania shared a picture with his father on X on Wednesday. He wrote- ‘Today I am happy to find my father at home and get his blessings. I always wish you good health, Papa. Vijaypath Singhania handed over the reins of the company to his son in 2015. There is a dispute going on between the two since Gautam took over the reins of the company. In 2017, Vijaypat Singhania had accused his son of evicting him from the JK House building, their family property in Mumbai. Gautam Singhania had recently separated from his wife Nawaz Modi. Recently, Gautam Singhania had also separated from his wife Nawaz Modi, after which an interview of Vijaypat Singhania came out. Speaking to Business Today, Vijaypat expressed regret at handing over his legacy to his son. Vijaypat had said- Gautam would have been happy to see me on the road. Vijaypat had said- ‘I have nothing now. I gave him everything. By mistake I was left with some money, with which I am living today. Otherwise I would have been on the streets. He would have been happy to see me on the road. I am sure of this. If he can throw his wife out like this, throw his father out like this, I don’t know what he is.’ Think very carefully before giving everything to your children. Vijaypat Singhania, while talking about his son, had said, ‘Parents should think very carefully before giving everything to their children. I’m not telling you not to. I am only saying that give after your death. Do not give in your lifetime, because you may have to pay a heavy price for it. Can shout at me and abuse me. Gautam Vijaypat was asked that if Nawaz comes to you to resolve this matter, will you talk to your son. Responding to this he said, ‘My first answer would be yes, I am ready to meet him. My second answer is that there is no point in meeting him because he will not listen to me. If I say something he doesn’t like, he can shout at me, he can abuse me. He does all this kind of stuff, so I’ll try to stay away as much as possible. I will give my support to my daughter-in-law, not to my son. Money is power… Power is ego… Ego is ego. Once upon a time I had a lot of money, power and authority. I don’t think it ever crossed my mind by the grace of God. If this thing has gone to his (Gautam’s) head, then perhaps he is one of them. There are many people in this world who let it go to their heads. Money is power, power is ego, ego is ego.

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