After clearing UPSC, how much salary does an IAS officer get, you may not know

Salary Of IAS Officer:Government job is considered to be a very safe job. It has fixed income. Your salary also increases with inflation and the status is different. Union Public Service Commission or UPSC exam is ranked third in the world in the category of difficult exams.

This in itself is proof that clearing it is not everyone’s cup of tea. The job that everyone generally prefers in UPSC is IAS i.e. Indian Administrative Service.  Let’s find out how much is the salary of an IAS officer.  

What is the salary of an IAS officer?

If we talk about the starting salary of an IAS officer, it starts from Rs 56000 per month or we are telling you according to the updated salary structure of 2024. If all the allowances are added to the salary of an IAS officer, then his total monthly salary is Rs 1,50,000.

The highest post in the civil service of UPSC is that of the Cabinet Secretary of India. If we talk about the monthly salary of the Cabinet Secretary of India, then it is Rs 2,50,000 per month. However, it also includes many facilities. Which are not available in many different jobs.  

These facilities are also available

IAS officers are given facilities other than salary which are of very high standard. After clearing UPSC, an IAS officer is given his own house to live in. In which he is given facilities like cook, gardener, security guard etc."text-align: justify;">They are also given subsidy on many things like electricity, gas, water. All IAS officers get free stay in government guest house in Delhi. Even after retirement, IAS officers get lifelong pension. And many more benefits are given. 

How many people appear for UPSC exam?

Every year how many people fill the form for UPSC exam in India. If we tell you the figures, you will be surprised. Last year 13 lakh people filled the form for UPSC. Out of which only 14624 could give the mains exam. And 2916 could reach the interview. Whereas only 1016 candidates were selected. Out of which there were only 180 vacancies for IAS. 

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