All children of class 3rd and 5th will not be promoted in MCD schools, this is the new rule

Big news has come for the students studying in MCD school of the country’s capital Delhi. Children studying in MCD school will now have to pay full attention to their studies. A new policy is going to be implemented for MCD Schools 2023-24 session. There will be a big impact on the students promoted to the next class under the policy. At present this new policy will be applicable only for class third and class fifth. Let us know what is there in this new education policy. 

All children of class 3rd and 5th will not be promoted

Now new education from the new session in MCD schools  The policy is going to be implemented. Let us tell you that there are 1534 schools in MCD in which around 8 lakh children study. Till now the rule in MCD schools was that class  From first to  Till fifth class, children were promoted to the next class without failing.

But from now on, children of third and fifth class will not be promoted under the new education policy. Now children will have to concentrate completely on their studies, from their attendance to their behavior and their overall general knowledge will also be assessed. Along with this, the annual exam paper will also be prepared from outside. 

For the future of children  better

The new education policy of MCD schools will greatly benefit the children studying in MCD schools. According to the information given by the Education Department, around three and a half lakh children, including classes 3 and 5, are studying in MCD schools. But which of these children came to regular class? Who studied the whole year, who got what marks. Without keeping these things in mind, all the children were promoted to the next class.

So that the children who have not studied throughout the year. Those who have not come to school. Later on he had difficulty in studies. But with this new education policy, now all children will have to concentrate on studies. And their parents will also send them to regular school now. Let us tell you that earlier the paper of these children was prepared in their own school, now it will be prepared from outside. 

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