Are you planning to study in America? Prepare these documents now


India is on top in the number of foreign students studying in America. Every year thousands of students from India go to America for graduation and masters. This information is for those students who are planning to go to USA to study.

What documents do we need to go to America

While preparing to go to America, students should keep in mind that They should have all the necessary documents. Documents required include passport, visa, multiple photocopies of all your documents, I-20 form, high school marksheet, degree certificate, English proficiency test scores, admission letter and flight documents etc.

You You can also ask your university to provide a checklist. They will need the necessary documents before enrolling for the semester. Apart from this, keep medical records and health insurance documents also carefully. 

Understand the study pattern of America.

You are preparing to go to study in America. Also understand the study pattern. The higher education sector in the United States can be divided into four categories: associate degree (AA, AS, AAS.), bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and Ph.D. or doctoral degree. Each level has different credit requirements to pass. There is a credit system that allows students to choose different subjects during their syllabus.

Students get credits based on their performance at the end of each semester. A semester is of approximately 30 credits. Most universities require a total of 120-130 credits per semester for a bachelor’s degree and 30-64 credits per semester for a master’s degree. Application requirements may vary across universities.< /p>

There are three types of American student visas

America gives three types of visas for foreign students. 
F-1 Visa – Academic Studies from America  F-1 visa is given for those courses in which students do practical training. 
J-1 visa – It is given for those courses in which students do practical training. Let’s do it. 
M-1 – This is a visa if you want to pursue professional studies.

Depending on your visa type, you will also need to purchase an international student health insurance plan.

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