Before the establishment of Ram temple, IIT Kanpur launched Ramayana website, here you can also become an editor.

IIT Kanpur Launches Website On Ramayan: Today there is a lot of noise about the establishment of Ram temple everywhere. Celebrities from every corner of the country are gathering for the consecration of Ram Lala. In this sequence Ram Mandir Before the establishment, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur has launched a website on Ramayana. On this you will get all types of verses, their translation and many other information. The good thing about this website is that if you want, you can become an editor and edit the information given on it.

Will have to follow the process

For this you will have to share your credentials with the institute. You will get this right after following a process. Giving information about this on its website, IIT Kanpur has said that ‘If you want to become an editor, please send us your credentials’.

Note the address

To check the Ramayana website of IIT Kanpur, you will have to click on this address – Here you will find verses of Ramayana and their translations. Not only this, you can also edit the content given here by becoming an editor. We have shared the direct link of the website below. Let us tell you that IIT Kanpur has already worked on the advancement of Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads like Ramayana and Geeta which preserve Indian culture and knowledge.

Check website like this

  • To see the verses and their translation of the Ramayana website launched by IIT Kanpur, first go to this address –
  • Here you will get many options on the homepage. Like click on quick links or scroll down and go to the verses and their translations.
  • Click on what you want to check. As soon as you do this, you will be sent to a new page.
  • From here you can choose your language and also check other details.
  • After this a new page will open where you can You can see the content.
  • After checking it, you can also download it.

Here is the direct link of the website.

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