Board Exam 2024: CBSE took a big decision regarding students suffering from diabetes, you will also praise it.

CBSE Issues Notice For Diabetic Type 1 Students: There is big news for the students of Central Board of Secondary Education. This news is especially for those students who have type one diabetes. In a major change in its policies, the board has given permission to such students to take medical equipments, snacks etc. to the exam hall. They should not carry with them glucometer, sugar strips or any such medical  They can carry the essential items they need to manage or monitor diabetes.

Students will get relief

After the implementation of this rule, diabetic students will get a lot of benefit and they will be able to avoid the danger of sugar level drop. Many times sugar levels decrease due to increase in stress level during exams and children not eating and drinking properly. Such children are worried about this separately from the exams. They will get relief from this decision of CBSE. They can take with them candy, glucometer, snacks etc.

What are the rules

  • Parents of such students will have to give an undertaking that their child is carrying only medical or necessary items in the hall, there is no communicating device or any objectionable thing in it.
  • The superintendent of the center where the child’s examination is taking place will have to be informed through the application a day in advance. You will also have to inform about what items you are bringing with you.
  • Candidates can carry everything from glucometer, chocolate, candy or fruits in a transparent bag. Along with this, they can also keep a transparent water bottle up to 500 ml with them.
  • The list of these students should be given while submitting the LOC. It is important to mention this at the time of registration.
  • Every day before the examination, these students will have to come at least 45 minutes before.

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