Board Exams 2024: If one paper goes wrong, do not spoil the future exams with its stress, handle the situation like this

How To Handle Board Exam Pressure: Many board exams have started and some are about to take place. In such a situation, it has been seen many times that if one or two papers of students get spoiled then they lose interest in studies. Under the stress of that spoiled paper, they are not able to give the next paper properly. If this happens to you too, then do not worry and try to get rid of this stress with the help of some tips. Let’s see what the experts’ opinion is on this issue.

Conversation with the most special person

Talking about this, clinical psychologist Dr. Aradhana Gupta says that there is someone in every child’s life to whom he gives a lot of importance. In such a time, do not console everyone together but take help from that special person or expert. The child will understand quickly and clearly what is said through him. Tell the child that one paper or one board exam is not the end of life. You will get many opportunities to prove yourself now. Apart from studies, there are many fields where he can prove himself. What is said by his favorite person has a good impact on the child.

And don’t make a loss-making deal

It is important for both the child and the parents to understand that the stress of board exams, or the stress of a bad paper, can harm you in many areas. So first of all understand that by taking tension of one paper, you have to make this deal more loss-making by spoiling your health and other papers or you have to cover it up.

If the child remains in anxiety then the mind will become foggy and his ability to think and read will be adversely affected. This will also reduce the chances of doing well in the papers. When anxiety persists for a long time, it affects the digestive system which disturbs the sleep pattern. In this way everything gets spoiled from stomach to sleep. To put it bluntly, the stress of one paper being spoiled can be very costly, so forget it as soon as possible and move on and focus on the other papers.

Motivate yourself like this

We all know that what has happened cannot be changed, so tell yourself what would you rather choose, crying over old things or preparing for new ones. Spoiled paper can be made a subject of stress as well as motivation. You can also take it as if whatever happened happened, now you will do better in future. Move forward with this motivation. Also know that it is possible that the marking on the paper which is not done as per your requirement may become linear. Move ahead with a positive approach and keep in mind that one paper is not the end of the world. You have many opportunities right now where you can excel. An exam cannot test you. 

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