Board Exams 2024: Make sure to check these details in the admit card, otherwise you will regret later…

CBSE Board Exams 2024 Admit Card: Board exams will start in a few days. One of the many preparations that are done in this sequence is to properly check the details given in the admit card after its release. If there is any deficiency then it should be rectified in time otherwise problems may arise later. This rule applies to students of all boards. Admit cards for the exam will be released in a few days. Before the board removes the correction facility, check it in time and remove any deficiencies.

Check these details

  • After receiving the admit cards of both class 10th and 12th, check these details in them. First of all see personal details like name, father’s name, category, ID etc.
  • Check it properly and also ensure that there is no mistake in the spelling of the name etc.
  • After this come to the next step and that is subject and exam dates. Make sure that the exam dates are written correctly. Whatever the paper is for, whatever is written on that day.
  • You can appear only for the subjects given on the admit card. Therefore, please check these details.
  • After this come to the signature. In particular, three signatures are required in the admit card of CBSE Board. These are the SBI official, the school principal and the parent or guardian of the student.
  • All three signs should be equal. If you notice any kind of problem, contact your school in time. You can get it rectified by contacting the school board.
  • Although changes may be made only in a few sections, at least where you are allowed to make changes, if there is a mistake, get it corrected. 

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