Can students also be jailed for 10 years for copying bills, what are the rules?

Can Students Be Punished For 10 Years: Anti-cheating bill has recently been passed in the Lok Sabha to stop cheating in public examinations. Apart from the other provisions, one of the two main points which are under discussion after the introduction of this bill is – If caught, the punishment is ten years’ imprisonment and second is a fine of Rs 1 crore. In such a situation, this question is also arising in the minds of the students whether they too can be punished with ten years of imprisonment if caught while cheating.

This bill is for copying mafia

Before getting information about this, let us know that the Anti Cheating Bill is mainly for paper leaks and for those people who help students in cheating. Such students whose future is spoiled because of some special people have not been targeted in this. If you are not involved in any wrongdoing before, during and after the examination then you do not need to be afraid of this bill. This punishment and fine is not for you.

Punishment will be given in this case

In that case, when you are involved in matters like leaking papers, buying papers or selling leaked papers before any public examination, you will be punished. If someone else is taking the exam in your place or any other type of rigging is done, then if caught, there can be everything from punishment to fine. The special thing about this bill is that it is cognizable, non-bailable and non-compoundable. That means the police can arrest without warrant, the criminal will not get bail and there will be no settlement for this mistake.

What does the minister say

In this regard, the Union Education Minister says that for the progress of any nation, it is necessary that the right candidates are selected in the public examination. No special advantage should be given to any particular student or group as this prevents the right candidate from being selected.

Who was punished?

Getting someone else to take the exam in place of a candidate, getting the paper solved, all these are under the ambit of punishment. If the exam is computer based, then if the service provider is found involved then a fine of up to Rs 1 crore can be imposed on him. If a student is directly involved, he can face a punishment of three to five years.

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