CBSE: CBSE issued advisory and gave this advice to students, asked them to be cautious of many websites

CBSE Advisory Against Fake Syllabus, Sample Question Papers: An advisory has been issued by the Central Board of Secondary Education for the students. Through which the board has asked the students to avoid misleading information. The board has said that students should get information about sample question papers, syllabus and other resources related to CBSE from the official site only. The board asked the students to stay away from such portals which share wrong information and fake news.

The notice issued by CBSE states that it has come to the notice of the board that some online portals and websites are circulating old links and unverified news related to sample question papers, syllabus, CBSE resources and activities. Apart from this, the notice further states that in the interest of the people, we want to emphasize that the details obtained from unauthorized sources can be misleading. It can also create unnecessary confusion among schools, students, parents and other stakeholders.

CBSE Advisory Against Fake Syllabus, Sample Question Papers: Where will you get the information

The Central Board of Secondary Education has given the names of some websites and people have been told to trust only the official websites/microsites for information related to CBSE. The websites mentioned by the board to get factual information related to CBSE are given below.

CBSE Advisory Against Fake Syllabus, Sample Question Papers: Official information will be available here

  • CBSE Official Site –
  • CBSE Academic Official Site –
  • CBSE Exam Result Official Site –
  • CTET Official Site –
  • Prashikshan Triveni Official Site –
  • CBSE SARS Official Site –
  • Pariksha Sangam Official Site –

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