CUET PG 2024: Prepare like this in the last minute, note down useful tips

CUET PG 2024 Preparation Tips: There is only a little time left for the Common University Entrance Test PG 2024 to start. How to prepare in this remaining time, so that the results are good, this question often comes in the mind of the candidates. If you are also confused about how to prepare for CUET PG in the last minute, then we will help you. These some tips are being shared here with the help of which you can prepare properly and well.

Take help of these tips

  • At this time, do not waste time on anything that you do not know or understand or about which you are very confused.
  • Spend time making sure what comes.
  • Practice a lot and give mock tests a lot.
  • Don’t just give tests but also check them.
  • Notice where you are making mistakes and correct them in time.
  • Deal with the areas where you are facing problems and if needed, take expert help.
  • Keep yourself relaxed and do not discuss your preparation with anyone.
  • Nor lose confidence by comparing your preparation with someone else’s preparation.
  • Eat properly, sleep properly, do light workout and also spend some time in meditation.
  • Make a plan for the remaining day and give equal time to each subject.
  • Practice answer-writing a lot and try to complete the paper within time.
  • Take the help of internet and if there is some confusion in any area, clear it in time.
  • Divide topics for each day and accordingly complete them before night before sleeping.
  • Make a chit of formula, table etc. and stick it in front of your table, so that you can see it while coming and going and remember it. 

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