Delhi Budget 2024: Rs 16,396 crore for education in Delhi’s budget, government is focusing on education

Delhi Budget 2024 Announcement:The budget of the capital Delhi has been presented today. The budget was presented in the Assembly by Delhi Finance Minister Atishi Marlena. While presenting the budget, the Finance Minister said that the priority of the state government is to provide quality education. This year Rs 16,396 crore will be spent on education. Whereas the Finance Minister has presented a budget of Rs 76 thousand crore for the year 2024-25.

While presenting the budget, the Finance Minister said that there has been a lot of focus on education in the Kejriwal government. During this period, there has been a lot of change in government schools. The minister said that in the last 10 years, many major changes have been made in the government schools of Delhi. We have doubled the budget for education in the national capital. He said that today we are proposing a budget of Rs 16,396 crore for education in Delhi. Finance Minister Atishi Marlena said that before the arrival of Kejriwal government, the condition of Delhi government schools was not good.

Work on training of teachers

Finance Minister Atishi said that former Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has played an important role in improving the education sector in Delhi. Let us tell you that at present the Education Minister of Delhi is also Atishi Marlena. He said that Delhi government is working on the training of teachers. The government has so far regularized 47,914 teachers. At the same time, recruitment process is going on for 7 thousand vacancies.

Students performing well

Finance Minister Atishi Marlena said that the results of Delhi government schools have become better than before. Now children of government schools are performing better than private schools. The government has built thousands of new classrooms. Seats in state-run universities have been increased by 20,000. Now a total of 93,000 students are currently enrolled in these institutions.

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