Do not make these mistakes a day before the board exam, otherwise you will have to repent in the exam.

Students work hard and prepare for board exams for a long time. Board exams are very important for students. A day before the examination, students are often under stress and pressure. After a year’s hard work, now only one day is left. In such a situation, students make some common mistakes which affect their exams. A day before the examination, it becomes very important for the students to keep some things in mind. So that the exam goes well and they can get good marks in the exam. 

Staying up till late night
A day before the board exams, most of the students stay up all night to study. Let’s try. Since only one day is left for the exam, they want to study as much as possible. But it is even more important that you get good sleep. Unless your body and mind get adequate rest, you will not be able to concentrate and write in the exam hall. Therefore, it is very important to sleep on time the night before the exam. If you stay awake till late night then you will feel tired on the day of exam which will lead to sleep in the exam hall. 

Taking Stress
Most of the time a day before the board exams Students become victims of stress. They put a lot of pressure on themselves worrying about exams. But this should not be done. Try not to take stress. Communicate with your family and close friends. Engage in any favorite activity like listening to music, walking etc. This will keep the mind calm and preparation for the exam will also be good. 

Wrong eating habits
Pay special attention to eating habits just one day before the board exam. There is a need to give. One should avoid eating heavy and fried food on this day. It takes a lot of body strength to digest such food. Then on the day of the exam, you may feel lazy and tired. Instead of this, you should eat light and nutritious food a day before the exam like pulses, vegetables, roti, curd, fruits etc. These are easily digested and give strength to the body so that your stomach does not get upset on the day of examination and you can give the exam well. 


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