Dress code implemented for teachers in this state, now they will not be able to come to school wearing jeans and t-shirt

School Teachers To Follow Dress Code: Now in this state, the dress code will be applicable for the school students as well as the teachers there. They will have to come to school in a specific type of attire. This rule has come out in Maharashtra under which schools will decide in what kind of clothes their male and female teachers will come to school. It is left up to the schools to decide what dress code to wear for teachers but it will be mandatory for every school to follow this rule.

Can’t wear jeans-t-shirt

This rule mainly prohibits some specific garments. For example, teachers cannot come to school wearing jeans, t-shirt or similar western clothes. Their clothes should not have big designs, pictures etc. This school education department has issued a government resolution.

Will be applicable to everyone

These rules are not for any particular school but for all the schools in the state. This will apply equally to all private, aided and non-aided schools. Schools will decide what kind of dress their teachers should come in and then everyone will have to follow these rules.

What has been advised

Schools have been asked to implement such a dress code in which male teachers should wear pant-shirt (tucked-in). In this, the shirt should be of light color and the pants should be of dark color. Female teachers should wear dresses like salwar, churidar, kurta, dupatta or saree. Color Schools can choose what color they want to have for teachers’ uniforms.

‘Tr’ Use

Not only this, the School Education Department has also said that teachers should use ‘Tr’ in front of their names. Use prefix. Let us tell you that just as lawyers use Advocate before their names, doctors use DR, similarly teachers can use TR. Soon this rule will be implemented everywhere. 

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