Even poor eyesight could not become a hindrance, ‘Tarun’ of success bloomed like this in IIM Ahmedabad

IIM Ahmedabad First Visually Impaired Scholar Varun: If there is a burning desire to do something then no kind of obstacle can come in the way. No problem, no deficiency, no lack can come in the way of success. Tarun Kumar Vashishtha is a living example of this. Tarun is the first visually impaired scholar to complete his PhD from IIM Ahmedabad. Ever since this degree is being awarded in IIM (year 1971), for the first time a visually impaired candidate not only enrolled in the PhD program but also completed it successfully.

Now we will teach other students

According to TOI report, after completing his PhD from IIM Ahmedabad, Tarun will now work as a faculty in IIM Bodhgaya. Next month he will join the post of Assistant Professor and thus he has made another record in his name where a visually impaired candidate ‘non-disabled’ Will teach in the institution.

Can’t see since birth

Tarun Vashishtha is from Uttarakhand and is visually impaired since birth. He says that he considers himself lucky that he was born in a family where everyone was very supportive. The atmosphere of the house was also quite good. He did his schooling from a normal school only. The report further states that Tarun also studied subjects (like Maths) which are not usually chosen by such candidates.

Selection in IIT Roorkee

After completion of B.Sc degree, Tarun passed the entrance exam of IIT Roorkee in general category. He was called for interview but was rejected here saying that he would not be able to fulfill the study requirements.

IIM came to Ahmedabad

After being rejected from IIT Roorkee, Tarun did not lose courage and enrolled in the doctoral program of IIM Ahmedabad in the year 2018. He is the first candidate to obtain PhD degree in this category from here. This was a new experience for him as well as for the institute. 

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