Higher educational institutions will no longer get grading, NAAC changed the rules regarding ‘recognition’

NAAC Removes Grading System: NAAC has made major changes regarding the Higher Educational Institutes (HEI’s) of the country. A decision in this regard has been taken in the recent meeting. Under this, higher educational institutions will no longer get grading. These institutions will now fall into only two categories, accredited or non-accredited. That means recognized or not recognized. The National Assessment and Accreditation Council has taken a decision in this regard. Along with this, with the aim of motivating the institutions to do well, rating will be given on the level of one to five.

Good news for students and parents!

This decision will help students and parents and they will be able to avoid taking admission or getting their child admitted at wrong places. In fact, now there will be a clear link with the institutions whether they are recognized or unrecognized. Grading system ended  It has been done which was creating confusion. Experts are seeing this as a good sign.

Implementation will be done in two stages

These new rules will be implemented in higher educational institutions in two stages. In the first stage it will be told whether the institute is recognized or not. In the second stage he will be assessed from level 1 to level 5. This will motivate the institutions to perform well. The better the performance of the institution in that area, it will be rated accordingly on the basis of level 1 to 5. Through this, students and parents will be able to understand whether the institute is eligible for taking admission or not. The best institute will be given a rating of 5 levels.

This is the system in foreign countries

With the introduction of this rule, institutions will start trying to get recognition and will try to get accreditation as soon as possible by removing whatever shortcomings are there. This practice has been happening in foreign countries for a long time and now it will be implemented in India also in the next few months. Maturity based graded accreditation will provide motivation to institutions to excel. Under the highest level i.e. Level 5, they are recognized as ‘Institutions of Global Excellence for Multi-disciplinary Research and Education’ Will get an award. 

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