How to make a career in gaming industry in India? Earnings are in lakhs

The gaming industry is growing in India, despite the fact that many people in the country did not think that it would grow at the global level. Actually, we are not in the olden era where we still played games by inserting cassettes occasionally.  We now have storytelling, gameplay, audio, VFX and immersive action in gaming that often create 3D movie-like experiences.

Gaming is creating employment opportunities


Today gaming is one of the major industries that  Is creating new employment opportunities. According to the IBEF report, the industry is expected to create 10,000 to 12,000 jobs by 2023. For example, Sumo India is currently recruiting for around 50 roles in total for both its Pune and Bengaluru locations.

The government is also providing full support

India The government also strongly supports the Indian gaming market, with this year’s Union Budget announcing the establishment of a new task force called ‘AVGC’. This new task force has been introduced to meet the global demand in the animation, visual effects, gaming and comics sector.

This will give Indian players in this industry at least a say in the $800 million industry. share of 5% and will help in creating new jobs annually.

Under this campaign, the main focus will be on formulating a national AVGC policy, creating a national network for graduation, masters and doctoral courses in AVGC related industries. The curriculum body will work with educational institutions to develop skills initiatives as well as promote employment opportunities.

Future potential for gaming careers

Multiple career paths in gaming Are present. Having a strong educational background can increase your chances of securing employment opportunities. However, it is the coding language skills and aptitude that can prove to be crucial in getting the job, as most gaming companies conduct coding tests and technical rounds as a part of the recruitment process to test the candidate’s ability. >

Gamers earn in lakhs

After 2 to 5 years of experience in the gaming industry, the annual income of a professional ranges from 10 lakh to 12 lakh. Extraordinary people are also earning crores of rupees annually in this industry.

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