IAS Success Story: Even after failure 5 times, Priyanka did not give up, she is no less than a celebrity

IAS Priyanka Goel: It is said that if you love something passionately, the entire universe is involved in helping you achieve it. Today we will tell you the story of one such IAS officer who faced many failures in the UPSC exam, but he had to crack this exam at any cost. We are talking about IAS officer Priyanka Goel, let’s know her journey…  

Delhi resident Priyanka Goyal is no less than a celebrity in appearance. He also has a good fan following on social media. His story is also very inspiring. Priyanka faced failure many times during her journey but she did not give up. Priyanka continued to work hard and got success in the examination.

Prelims was not cleared in four attempts

If we talk about Priyanka Goyal’s education, she has studied from Keshav College of Delhi University. From here he obtained B.Com degree. After failing in five attempts, he cracked this exam in his sixth attempt. He had secured 369 rank in the examination. If we talk about the attempts given by her before this, she could not even pass the prelims exam four times. But he believed in himself and passed the UPSC exam on the basis of strong will power.  

Advice given for preparing notes

IAS Priyanka Goyal started preparing for UPSC exam immediately after completing her graduation. She continued to work hard. He had a good grip on all the subjects. The result of which was that he cracked the difficult examination of UPSC. She advises candidates to prepare their own notes. Priyanka is also active on social media. He has a lot of followers on social media.

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