If one does not sleep properly, the child’s performance in exams may deteriorate, take care of this along with studies.

Adequate Sleep For Exam Performance: Whenever it comes to performing well in exams, the name of studies is taken. It is believed that good marks can be obtained only by studying, revising and practicing properly. No one talks about sleep in this entire scene whereas experts believe that good sleep is very important for good performance in exams. If sleep is not complete or sleep is not taken properly then problems can occur.

Stress hormones are released

Experts say that when children take stress due to exams and do not sleep properly, stress hormones start releasing in their body. Release of a hormone called cortisol further increases stress in the body. This affects sleep and affects exam performance. Due to lack of sleep, children are unable to remember what they remember.

Difficulty in focusing

Various reports show that when children do not sleep properly, their focus is also affected. They are unable to concentrate properly and often forget what they read.

Many times children do not understand why they are repeatedly postponing some work. I am not able to understand what I am reading, why am I not interested? Even after trying everything, if the work does not seem to be getting done, then check that the sleep cycle is not disturbed. Problems will arise even if you do not get enough sleep.

Good sleep is important

About this ‘examination pe charcha’ During the program, PM Modi had also said that good sleep is very important for studies and to perform well in exams. He also said that not only sleep but good sleep has great importance. How many hours do you sleep, how do you sleep, how many times do you open your eyes, do you not sleep for long or do you wake up repeatedly in the middle, if the answer is yes then this sleep is also of no use. Remember that it is important not only to sleep but also to sleep properly.

Parents should keep in mind that if the child is not sleeping due to exam stress, then pay attention to it. Studying at the last moment and compromising on sleep can worsen your performance instead of improving it.

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