IIT Delhi Placement: Students got more than 1000 job offers in the first phase of placement, second phase will be held in January.

IIT Delhi Students Get Good Placement: When it comes to doing engineering, students want admission in IITs only. One reason for this is that along with good, quality education, placements are also good here. The students here are accepted by the companies and within no time they get jobs with good salaries. This is further proved after the completion of the first phase of placements in IIT Delhi recently. Under the first phase of placement here, students have received more than one thousand job offers.

Got a job in every country

According to TOI report, out of the job offers received by the students here, more than 50 jobs have been offered from foreign countries. More than 20 companies came for placement from different countries like Hong Kong, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, UAE, UK and US. They have given job offers to students.

Here are the top recruiters this time

In the first phase of placements of IIT Delhi, the main companies which offered jobs to the students were as follows. Air India, Microsoft, Texas Instruments, Goldman Sachs, Bajaj Auto and Ola Electric. The good thing about placement is that most of the students have got jobs in their core sector only.

Second phase will be held in January

The second phase of placement will be conducted in the month of January. It will start in mid-January. Also know that the hiring of students continues from December to May. At this time, full time students of UG and PG classes get placement. Candidates who have not been selected in the first phase can get jobs in the second phase.

So many companies have been registered

If we talk from present perspective, more than 370 firms are registered with IIT Delhi which have given more than 700 job offers. Of these, the process of more than 450 jobs has been completed. The Career Service Officer here has given this information regarding this. 

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