In rural areas, more girls than boys want to study after 12th, revealed in the annual education report.

Every year a report is issued regarding education in the country. Every year new figures emerge in the education report. This time a figure has come to light. From this the condition of girls in the country can be estimated. This time it has been told in the Annual Education Report that after class 12th in the country, more girls than boys want to study. Let us know what the report released by ASER says about the reason behind this.

Girls want to study more than boys

In the annual education report released on Wednesday. The survey was conducted in 28 districts of 26 states regarding rural areas of India. In which 34,745 children were included. ASER report revealed that in rural areas, the percentage of girls continuing their studies after class 12th is higher than that of boys.

If we talk about statistics, then in case of continuing studies till class 12th, 19.4% are boys. So the same 16.7% are girls.  Whereas at the undergraduate level, there are 44.3% girls and 41.2% boys. Whereas at PG level, there are 21.5% girls and 18.02% boys. Statistics clearly show that girls have more desire to continue their studies than boys.

What is the reason for this? 

In this annual education report published under the name Beyond Basics, girls were found to be ahead of boys in terms of continuing their studies after 12th. In the survey, two main reasons have been given behind this. The first reason is that after studying, it will help girls to become good housewives. So the second reason is that girls want to continue their studies so that they can stay away from household chores. That is why girls want to read as much as they can. 

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