More than 88% of India’s youth are looking for jobs: LinkedIn

LinkedIn Report: More than 88% of already employed people in India are looking for a new job this year. This figure has come to light in a research by LinkedIn. The report states that due to the changing economic outlook and global changes, almost 90% of India’s youth are ready for job change in order to get higher salary, less pressure and to explore other areas.

Among these, the number of people who consider their job more challenging is highest at about 42% and the number of people who want increase in salary is highest at about 37%. Besides, already working professionals are also exploring new paths. 8 out of every 10 professionals who participated in the survey are looking for opportunities for self-reliance or to move outside their current role.

Senior Managing Editor of LinkedIn India said

Nirjita Banerjee, career specialist and senior managing editor, LinkedIn India, said, "As Indian professionals take charge of their careers in 2024, the job market is going to become increasingly competitive with the entry of more professionals.“To be successful in their job search, it is essential for professionals to Invest time in improving your profile, highlighting your skills and staying informed.

Artificial Intelligence made it difficult for humans

In the emerging era of AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence, to get jobs in new fields, professionals will have to develop new skills in a short time. The Economic Times reports that nearly 45% of professionals say they don’t know how to match their skills with the job they want, making it difficult to find a job. In India, there has been a 30% change in skills for jobs since 2015, according to LinkedIn data.

Even professionals are finding it difficult to find jobs. About 81% said they are also eager to use AI. This can help make their job search more efficient. About 72% believe that it is very important to change the perspective in the changing times, with the help of this one can make a place for oneself in a new field.

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