NEET 2024: Age will no longer count for results, NTA made these big changes

NEET UG 2024 Important Changes Introduced By NTA: Registration for this year’s NEET exam 2024 has started. NTA has opened the application link. Along with this, this year the agency has also made many major changes in the examination. This includes changes made in the rules ranging from not giving importance to age in the calculation of results to tie-breaking. What are these changes and what will it mean for lakhs of NEET aspirants? Know.

Application link opened

The application link for NEET UG exam 2024 has been opened. Those candidates who want to apply for this year’s examination can fill the form by visiting the official website of NEET UG. To do this the official website address is –

NTA has also launched a new website for NEET 2024 this time. Candidates can see this year’s information bulletin, syllabus, application link etc. by visiting this link. Further updates can also be seen from here.

What is the new tie-breaking criteria

The rules of result that have been changed for NEET UG are as follows. Candidates who have higher marks in Biology i.e. Botany and Zoology will be given first preference. After this, those who have more marks in Chemistry will get preference at the second position. Physics marks will be counted on the third number and draw will be done by computer on the fourth number. There will be no human involvement in this and the draw as per the machine will be considered final.

These are other changes

Apart from the tie-breaking criteria, the changes that have been made are the increase in the number of exam centres. Last time there were 499 centers which will now be increased to 554. This time there will be no center outside the country.

The syllabus of NEET has also been changed and it is in accordance with the changes made by NCERT in the syllabus of class 11th and 12th. Candidates are requested to visit the official website to see the latest syllabus and get information.

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